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Visual Arts


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Want to know more about the visual arts in Glasgow? Whether you're a local or planning a trip you can follow the stories and conversations from the city's venues here as they happen. Share, browse, follow, like, favourite and visit!

6 hours agoOne week to go until our sixties event! If you haven't got your tickets, better be quick
7 hours agoRT @AdoptAnIntern: We're here @GSofA for our Being an Intern in the Creative Industries workshop. #TalentNotTea
7 hours agoRT @LiamRudden: Now this is a must: @glasgowfilm #EscapeFromNewYork Treasure Hunt Screening on Oct 26
8 hours agoRT @gsaviscom: Action Shots: @gsofa comdes games 2014. Its the winning and the taking part that counts.
9 hours agoRT @HSofGJunior: #J5S who are fundraising for @GSofA this afternoon, some serious business to be done!